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Abacus explores & grows your child's potential to most complicated mathematic calculation at the spin of a hat. This is the oldest tool what gears his interest, confidence, skill and top it all Is your child confused by long calculations of Mathematics? Do messy equations make your child give-up? At last, a clear and simple way to learn Math calculations. Yes, Global Path's - Abacus Franchise India, brainwave makes it possible for your child to save time and effort while reaching the accurate answers. An Abacus or a counting frame is a counting tool used primarily in parts of Asia for executing Mathematics calculations. The abacus was in use centuries before the adoption of the written modern numeral system and is still widely used. But today, we have improved it, innovate it and molded it as per the needs of our little ones. Abacus is the only system of its kind which addresses all the key intricacies transpire while making Mathematical calculations. This feat enable child break the jinx of elongated and convoluted working and jump to the answers instantly hence, saving the crucial time and make Mathematics an interesting exercise. Indeed, by eliminating the long and frustrating calculations we have been successful in arousing student's interest in Mathematics. We talk about tuitions; we talk about excessive studying hours but now we won't look for any superfluous activity for our children as Global Path comes with Abacus Institute India. Abacus makes your child's studies easier. Abacus Franchise India makes learning the numbering and calculation techniques more fun-filled. While using abacus, students use of both of their hands simultaneously and this movement uses both parts of brain i.e. the left and the right brain together that nurtures their minds making them more accurate and quicker.

While electronic calculators need numbers as inputs, in abacus education, children learn to convert the beads into numbers and thus arrive at a result. The abacus sharpens the brains and helps in solving mathematics problems using abacus. Abacus Institute India helps the most brilliant children find the use of abacus a great help while solving problems. The students can use the abacus to calculate arithmetical problems rapidly. Later on, the students can also perform the calculations without using the abacus, by just visualizing the abacus in their minds. Abacus answers the primary need of the students to make fast and accurate calculations.

So get ready you children to enjoy your studies and make your expedition to success as interesting as Mathematic calculation with Abacus Institute Delhi.

We don't just create curriculum that look easy! Our wide array of courses are just as effective as easy they are. From English, Mathematics or even French, Global Path is capable of laying solid educational foundation for kids. We are pleased to introduce yet another avant-grade syllabus for kids that has gained the support of parents all across the country; Global Path's- Abacus Franchise Delhi is known for teaching Abacus to the students. Our R & D team has done lot of research to make the course for shot time lovers. Kids who want to learn in Abacus Institute Delhi learn the basics of Abacus, for them it’s a delightful treat. As simple as we could make, our easy to grab format of the syllabus imparts conceptual clarity to the students. Especially when you have a little time in your hands now.

Many schools have also taken up this concept nowadays and are including it as a part of their main subject. This system not only improved the calculation habit and mathematical concepts of the students but also make them brilliant math students in the future. Abacus Franchise Delhi makes children tough and intelligent so that they can face the today's challenging world and job sector when they grow up. it is helpful in this manner but it also at the same time widens the scope of knowledge. Nowadays many parents are enrolling their wards in Abacus Institute India and other mathematical centers that are opening specially for imparting maths and abacus learning in children making them mastered in the procedures of calculations.

Get ready to feel better and experience an intelligent blend of learning and swiftness in a totally student oriented Global Path's Abacus.

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  • Concentration
  • Confidence
  • Speed &Accuracy
  • Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
  • Self reliance