Based on C.B.S.E syllabus
We know how it feels when the horror of examination glooms your normal life. You don't even want to get up in the morning. Your confidence has taken a bit knock. And we understand. So much so that we have prepared a special CBSE syllabus to cheer you up. Especially when you have a little time in your hands now.

Get ready to feel better and experience an intelligent blend of learning and swiftness in a totally student oriented Global Path's CBSE curriculum. Providing impulsion to your learning process, Global Path has 360° education solutions for you. Our CBSE course is specially designed to enable growth and learning in a highly focused and application-based environment. This CBSE course of Global Path makes learning process more interesting, innovative and shorter. So that you excel faster. As simple as we could make, our easy to grab format of the syllabus imparts conceptual clarity to the students. The easy to learn module enhance the basic understanding and thus ensure simple, easy and interesting learning.

Our combination of short and precise curriculum allows you to grasp more in lesser time. And our job doesn't ends here. Working on our passion to see you excel, we have introduced a psychological upliftment programme. Here we will help you to cope up with the mental pressures during or before the examinations. Boards will be easy as never before. Now start your preparation with a bright new beginning. Everything will be ok. And remember, we are here for you.