We don't just create curriculum that look easy! Our wide array of courses are just as effective as easy they are. From English, Mathematics or even French, Global Path is capable of laying solid educational foundation for kids. We are pleased to introduce yet another avant-garde syllabus for kids that has gained the support of parents all across the country; Global Path's Quick Abacus. If you want to learn basic of abacus then join Quick Abacus. Our R & D team has done lot of research to make the course for shot time lovers. Kids who want to learn in summer vacation the basics of Abacus, for them it’s a delightful treat.


This course has been developed by the Masters of Abacus. They had given a thought to make it short & content so that Kids can have fun while they learn. Quick Abacus is not just abacus but its much more, it consist of puzzles, calligraphy & much more fun for the Kids. Kids will be rewarded with the certificates after they will complete the course. It’s a course of 30 classes. This course is specially designed to reinforce the basic understanding of the subject through calculations and general principles. So that you excel faster.


As simple as we could make, our easy to grab format of the syllabus imparts conceptual clarity to the students. Especially when you have a little time in your hands now. 


Get ready to feel better and experience an intelligent blend of learning and swiftness in a totally student oriented Global Path's Quick Abacus.