What Is Strokes ?
Calligraphy, from the Greek kalligraphia literally means “beautiful handwriting.” So what is it that makes writing beautiful? Well, in a word consistency. Consistency of shape, stroke, weight, spacing and rhythm. Although consistency is accomplished through repetition, calligraphy is a not a matter of mechanical repetition.

Strokes is as much a matter of seeing as of writing. It is more than simply acquiring a manual skill. You have to train your eye to see the subtle and proportions of the letterforms.
The hand cannot execute what the mind does not comprehend what the eye does not see. In Strokes, comprehension comes from being aware of and paying close attention to details. With a little persistence and consistent effort, you should notice improvements within a very short time. This course is designed to get you practicing in the most effective way by first concentrating on the core shapes of the a and n. Before you really start to feel comfortable with the medium. Subtle details take a while to appreciate. Professionals spend a lifetime developing and perfecting their skills, and yet they feel there are always new things to discover and new horizons to explore. Make your first steps in calligraphy fun and rewarding.

The fastest way to improve your handwriting is not to think of it as writing, but to DRAW the letters.