tiny abacus

We are pleased to introduce yet another avant-garde syllabus for kids that has gained the support of parents all across the country; Global Path's Tiny Abacus.

An Abacus is a counting tool used in mathematics for early learners. The Tiny Abacus institute helps provide a concrete understanding of counting, adding, subtracting and dividing. The Abacus contains beads or disks that can be moved up or down or from side to side. The Abacus doesn't do the calculation, it allows learners to manipulate the beads or disks to see the calculation. It's believed that the Abacus was used by the early Aztecs in 300 BC.

We don't just create curriculum that look easy! Our wide array of courses are just as effective as easy they are. From English, Mathematics or even French, Tiny Abacus Institute is capable of laying solid educational foundation for kids.

As you know, how important Mathematics is for your kid and how important it is to provide a rock-solid base to them in their initial academic life. Tiny Abacus Institute, aims to clear their Mathematics concepts in the very early stage so that they can understand every bit of Mathematics in detail. Not to forget, effortlessly. To prepare your child for future, we have studied, researched and checked this Mathematics special study programme under the able guidance of renowned academicians and experts which includes - teachers, child psychologists and principals. Imagine the impact these minds working together could make on your kid.

The brain can be divided into two segments, the left brain which controls the reading, writing, logical thinking and reasoning skills and the right brain which is responsible for artistic senses, creativity andl visualization skills. Working of both parts of the brain is very important and focus on only one side will not completely benefit the child. Abacus learning develops both sides of the brain by making the child use, both his and her hands to move the beads, while visualizing the problem and its solution in the brain.Abacus benefits the right brain.

Needless to say that it took us years of hard work to arrive at this new curriculum. And it's still a start at Tiny Abacus Institute.

Some of the advantages of Tiny Abacus Institute are given below:

This system of mathematics brush up the knowledge of children which further enable them to intake the mathematics subject easily in school.